My life!

This is me!

 My name is Laura Alice Neale. Welcome to my beauty world!
I was born in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England on 13th October 1997. I was the second child to Richard and Helen Neale after my one and only sibling, Josie Ann Neale, born 8th August 1996. 


My mum Helen, me and my sister Josie with our cat Herbie.

 My sister and I, my first school photo!

My sister Josie, my dad Richard and I on a family holiday.

My childhood was the best part of my life so far. More then half the memories I have good and some bad are from 12 and under. Family holidays, summer BBQ and friends sleepovers. 

Family holidays to me were the best thing ever. The feeling of going somewhere new, staying in a hotel and having to pack for a week and arranging all my outfits and matching accessories. I was definitely the girly girl out of my sister and I so I would always make sure I had my handbags, jewellery and of course my ‘makeup’ ready to take with me. Where as she would have her trainers, hoodies and maybe a bit of makeup that she would pack.  Most of our family holidays would be camping down Devon or Dorset or taking the caravan to a caravan park half an hour down the road but back then it felt like we had been in the car for hours before we got to the caravan park. We only had one holiday abroad, Tenerife 2007. That was the best holiday ever and we happened to go away for my birthday so I got to spend my 10th birthday in the sun, at a water park which was amazing. 

As well as  all the family holidays, these were the years that I  started my education and deciding my future, starting nursery and primary school.  I think I went through careers like no one else, every day I had a different ambition. Police women, to presenter, dancer and singer or even maybe a lawyer! 

My life starts to get a lot more clearer at the end of year 6 and when I started secondary school. 2009 the year I started secondary was the most nervous time of my life. Going from a small village primary school to a secondary school bang in the middle of a town, 10 times the size. Luckily for me, most of the people in my year 6 class were also going to the same secondary school so that made things a bit better for me. I didn’t really enjoy secondary school, I wanted it to be over and done with when I was year 8 but unfortunately still had 3 years to go. 

5 months into secondary school, my family had the worst time of our lives. My sister and my best friends passed away from her fight with cancer. 

This didn’t help at all with hating school and I become a ‘rebel’. I felt like why should I carry on when my sister was taken and robbed of her life years before she should have. I got into so much trouble with teachers, I lost friends and I was done with my education. I never wanted to go into school so every morning would be a struggle for my mum, head of year and my friends to try and get me to come in. 

A month later mum and dad decided we need to take some time away from home and to relax and enjoy ourselves as we knew Josie wouldn’t want us sat at home crying day in day out. So we booked a 2 week holiday to Egypt, it was amazing and just what us 3 needed. The hotel was beautiful, sea looked amazing and the weather was hot!

While we were on holiday, mum and dad said they had to tell me something. They said when we get home we were going to get a dog. I was so excited and happy, this would be the first dog we had as a family and I knew it would help us all grieve and take our mind off everything that had happened in the last year and bring something happy into our lives again.

As soon as we got home, I wanted to start looking for a dog. We had already decided we would rescue one and give a homeless dog a lovely new home and family that would love them again. We went to kit Wilson and looked at 3 dogs that matched with our details. As soon as I saw all 3 dogs I knew which one I wanted and I told mum and dad and they agreed. 1 week later we brought home a staffy cross, 18 month old dog called barley.


She was the most lovely dog I have ever seen, so caring and sweet. We loved her dearly right from the start.
GCSE time started and I still hated school but decided I needed to concentrate to make my mum, dad and most of all my sister proud of me. I chose to do history, art and design, food technology and business studies, as well as all the main subjects we had to take. The 2 years I did GCSEs felt like the longest 2 years ever, nothing went quickly and it always seemed like I had tones of work to finish.  Exams started February 2014. We had our mocks first and they seemed to go quickly and I felt okay about that, which I was surprised about. A few month later the real thing came round, we got given our exam timetables for May- June. That was the toughest month of my life, everything I had worked for and revised was being used and tested. June 2014 and exams, GCSEs and stress was finally over. Prom was round the corner and I had to wait months until I could find out what grades I had achieved and whether I had made my sister proud. 

We had prom at  Copthorn hotel on the 24th June. Me and my 2 best friends decided we would get ready together and travel there in a posh car and enjoy ourselves after exams. I decided to get a big princess dress and I absolutely loved it.  

 Me and my 2 besties! Gemma, Chloe and me.

We had an amazing night at prom. We finished the night off with a trip to McDonald’s, in our prom dresses!, before going back to Gemma’s for a sleepover.

August came and I got my results. I’m not going to lie, they weren’t what I wanted but none the less I was proud of my self with what I got and I knew my sister would be too. 

After finishing exams and waiting for my results I had to decide my next adventure. It felt like I was back to being a kid again, jumping from career to career. Cook, cake baker, florist or maybe A levels. Eventually I decided to go to Sussex downs college and study beauty therapy. It felt like the right decision, knowing that I’ve always wanted to be a nail technician or makeup artist. I am so glad I chose to go to Sussex downs, not only did I complete the course I loved doing but I also made a bunch of new friends that have the same love and passion as I do for beauty and makeup.

After finishing college in June 2015, I needed to decide if I was going to stay on or take my achievement to the next level and work in a salon. I decided to stay at college and complete level 3 makeup artistry course. Unfortunately a few months in, I decided to leave college. I wasn’t  enjoying it as I thought I would and it made me feel very depressed and anxious. I know leaving college was the best decision to make for me as it made me think and I became myself again. 

Since leavening college I have decided I want to own my own business in beauty therapy and am going to train to do acrylic, gel and nail art. 

This is my life. 

Lauraaliceloves xoxo


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  1. Hi Laura, Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the follow; I appreciate it! Best wishes in your pursuits in beauty therapy. I hope that you have a great day πŸ™‚
    ~ baaps

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