14 Makeup bag must haves!

I thought I would write a post on the 14 essentials I always carry in my makeup bag and handbag. As well as seeing some of my favourite makeup products, you can get to know me a little better by knowing my every day makeup and my favourite or most worn makeup looks.

The things that are in my makeup bag are products I carry day to day so aren’t what I wear if I was going out in the evening. There’s a few products that a switch out sometimes depending what makeup mood I am in.

  1. Primers

Primers are good to keep your foundation staying on all day, evens out your skin, helps if you have large pores and makes the rest of your makeup have a better finish.

For me the best primer is Maybelline baby skin, instant pore eraser. RRP £7.99 It helps my foundation stay on for a longer period of time and helps with the application of my foundation and concealer. I get very dry skin in the winter months so it helps even out my skin and balances my skin tone a little for when I apply my foundation. It is a lightweight gel that creates a flawless finish to the skin and feels really smooth and lightweight on the skin.

2. Foundations

 I only wear foundation when I feel like my skin is having a off day or if I am going out in the evenings, but when  I do wear foundation I feel like my skin looks flawless. I switch between 2 foundations.

The first one is L’oreal True Match foundation, RRP £9.99. This foundation is a perfect foundation for normal to oily skin. So I wear this foundation in the Spring, Summer time as that when my skin is gets more oily. It has a medium  coverage but can be build able. I find this foundation to be better for the day time as I prefer  a heaver coverage in the evening.

The second foundation is Bourjois 123 perfect foundation, RRP £10.99. I find this foundation to be better for my skin when its a bit drier. It is perfect for when my skin is having a off day as it has yellow, purple and green pigments in it to cancel out any redness, dark circle and dull complexion. It is a low to medium coverage so I do use concealer when I am wearing this foundation.

Both foundations are a liquid formula and you can blend with your fingers or a brush or beauty blender, I find it easier and the finish is much nicer using a brush for both.

3. Concealer

 I think concealer can be used for either concealing under the eyes or any blemishes but also on its own as a base when your skin is looking healthy and you don’t need much coverage. I tend to stay with 2 concealers.

The first one is by collection and it is their lasting perfection concealer, RRP £4.19. This is for me the best concealer I’ve found for concealing blemishes or any redness. Its a mixture between a cream and liquid formula and is perfect for all skins. You can either blend it with your fingers or using a brush.

The second concealer is Fit me by Maybelline, RRP £5.99. I only started using this concealer about a month ago after running out of the collection lasting perfection, I felt like I wanted to try something new. This is a medium to high coverage and is again a mixture between and cream and liquid formula. It is very blend able and i prefer to apply this with my fingers rather then a brush as it gives a better finish on the skin.

An alternative I found for both these and if you prefer more of a cream rather then a liquid concealer is by Soap and Glory, it is their kick ass concealer, £8. It comes with 3 steps, first is more of a pink undertone concealer which is the face concealer and the second is a yellow undertone concealer which is for under eyes, then the last step is a powder to set the conceal into place.

4. Face Powder

 Face powders are great if you get oily skin and you feel your foundation and concealer doesn’t stay on all day, you can use a powder to set your foundations and make it last that little bit long. Also a face powder is good to add a little more coverage on top of the foundation and concealer.

My favourite face powder to use is Bourjois, healthy balance powder, RRP £8,99 I find it give me a little bit of extra coverage but doesn’t make my foundation look cakey and also helps with any shininess I might get during the day, a few hours after wearing my makeup. Another alternative is sleeks luminous pressed powder, RRP £6.99

5. Eyebrows

 I feel like eyebrows complete a makeup look and brings the makeup together. There are loads of different products to use for eyebrows, such as pencils, shadows, gels and mascaras.

I only use one product on my eyebrows and that is L’oreal brow artist genius kit, RRP £9.99.  With this you get a brow shadow and a brow wax to set the shadow into place, you also get mini tweezers and a double ended brush, one end being a angled brush and the other a spooley to brush out the brow. The colours are perfect, they match my brows both when they are dyed a darkish brown and also when they are a light mousy brown (my natural brow colour).   Although it is a lot for a brow product I think its the best colour match I have found for my brows and is well worth the £9.99.

6. Eyeshadow

 If you chose the right colours and shades, eye shadow can do wonders for your eyes. If you have blue eyes, bronze and browns make your eyes pop. If you have green eyes, burgundy and purples/mauve are great. If you have brown eyes, purples and earthy browns are great. I have 2 favourite eye shadow palettes that I switch every day.

The first one is by L’oreal, it is colour riche quad. RRP £7.99. I find these eye shadows to be  really soft and so easy to blend together. You can also layer these eye shadows depending on the look, you can make a lovely soft day time look or layer more of the darker colours to make a evening smokey eye. Really pigmented and stay on all day. The quad I use is called marron glace and they are 4 beautiful golden brown shades.

The second one is big eyes by Maybelline, RRP £6.99. Again like the L’oreal quad, these colours are really soft and easy to blend. I did find the Maybelline quad didn’t last the whole day like the L’oreal quad did but still really pigmented. The colours are very similar so I would defiantly pay the extra £1 for a longer lasting eyeshadow. The quad is called Luminous nude 07.

7. Eyeliner

 I use a liquid eyeliner to liner the top of my eyelid and to make my eyes stand out and pop. I like to use a liquid eyeliner instead of a pencil or gel as I find it much easier to apply.

My go to eyeliner is L’oreal super liner, RRP £6.49. I find this to be a perfect eyeliner for a thin, crisp line. It stays on all day and is waterproof. The nip is very easy to use, its a mixture between a felt tip nip and a normal eyeliner brush. The colour is very pigmented and comes out very dark black so if you like a softer liner then this might not be for you.

8. Mascara

 Mascara is a brilliant product if you use the right formula. I find some mascara to be very clumpy and heavy on my eyelashes which then tends to make my eyelashes straighten out a little throughout the day. I have 2 mascaras that I use plus a eyelash primer.

The primer is They’re real tinted primer by Benefit, RRP £18.50. I am in love with this primer. It makes my lashes long longer and protects my lashes. This primer is perfect to wear on its own for a more softer feel or you can wear your normal mascara over the top if you want it a bit more dramatic.

My first mascara is by Bourjois and it is their Volume glamour ultra curl mascara, RRP £7.99. This is my favourite mascara that I have tried. It gives my lashes length, volume and makes them look like I have false eyelashes on which is a  bonus. It doesn’t clump and the wand helps separate the lashes out a little.  It is an all round good mascara.

Another alternative, at a higher price is BADgal lash by Benefit, RRP £17.50. To me these 2 mascaras are very similar. They both make my lashes look amazing and they do what I want in a mascara.

9. Bronzer/contour

This is a staple if you want to add  a bit of shape, definition and colour into your skin. It is bronzer and contour. I think bronzing the face makes it looks sun kissed and healthy and if you have fair skin like I do its brilliant just to add some colour and make you look a little bit tanned.

The palette I use every day is from Amazon. It is by Ruimio and it is a makeup contour kit, highlighting and bronzing palette, RRP £8.99. There are loads of brands that do 6 shade highlight and bronzer palette at difference prices. I mainly use the 2 darker shades to contour my cheeks and add a little colour to my face and neck. I don’t use the lighter shade as I feel they don’t show up as well on my skin as the darker shades do.

Another palette that I think is good is by Bourjois, it is their Chocolate bronzing palette, RRP £7.99. I found this bronzer to be a bit too warm for my skin tone but I think it would be great for a darker skin. Plus it smells like chocolate which is a bonus!

Another palette I like to use is the Sleek face form contour kit, RRP £9.99. I find this palette to be great for travel because you have a bronzing colour that isn’t too warm for even a fair skin to use, a lovely highlight and a beautiful coral/pink blush.


 Highlight is a great way to make your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and your cupids bow stand out. I find a more pearly highlight to suit my skin tone better but there are loads of shades of highlights out there.

The highlight I use every day is by MUA (Makeup Academy), RRP £3. Even though it is cheap it is an amazing product. The pigments are amazing and the finish is incredible. It’s a very soft highlight but you can build it up for a more dramatic feel. An alternative I found is High beam by Benefit, RRP £19.50. This is the same highlight but in a liquid form. The formula is great and blends into the cheekbones wonderfully. Also gives off the right amount of shimmer to make your cheekbones stand out.

11. Lipstick

. For me picking out a lipstick that goes with the rest of makeup is my favourite part. You can have a nude lip if you have dramatic eyes or you can wear a bright pink or deep red when you just have a thin liner.

My favourite nude lipstick is by GOSH, Velvet Touch 162 Nude. RRP £6.99. It is a very soft pink nude and its a perfect every day lip when you don’t want your makeup to look too heavy. It has the  tiniest flex of glitter that makes your lips look bright and shiny. I think this colour suits any skin tone and is a perfect nude shade.

My favourite red lipstick is by Rimmel, Lasting finish by Kate lipstick wine 107. RRP £5.49.  It is a matt lipstick and is perfect to complete that evening makeup look. It looks great with a dramatic eye but also with fantastic with a black cat eye and some false eyelashes.

12. Lip Pencil

. Lip pencils can be worn under a lipstick to help lock in the colour or if its the right shade and colour can be worn alone.

I use one lip pencil and that is GOSH velvet touch Angel kiss 6. RRP £4.99. I only use a lip pencil when I wear a nude lip. It helps lock the colour and gives me the perfect nude shade that I like. This shade can be worn alone and still looks amazing.

13. Lip Gloss

You can never go wrong with a lip gloss. Lip gloss is a all round good product to carry every where with you. If you want to add a bit of sparkle or just to add something to a bright lip.

My all time favourite lip gloss has to be Sexy Mother Pucker by Soap&Glory, RRP £9.00. This lip gloss adds shine, sparkle and plumps the lips to make them look a tiny bit fuller then they actual are. This lip gloss looks great on its own to create a natural look but can vamp up your day time makeup to turn it into night time.

14. Brushes

For me brushes are an essentials must have for any makeup bag.  You can’t complete any makeup look and have a perfect finish without brushes. There are many brands that have fantastic brush but for me Real Techniques, Lottie London and Final check by Danielle Everitt are my favourite brand for brushes.

The Real Technique brushes that I use are:

  • Expert face brush RRP £8.99
  • Deluxe holiday set RRP £20
  • Eye Makeup brush starter kit RRP £20.99
  • Core collection RRP £20.99

The Real Technique brushes are so soft and feel amazing on the skin and give the perfect finish to any makeup. The expert face brush is amazing for concealer and foundation. The multi tasking brush from the holiday set is perfect for highlight, blush and powder. The contour brush from the core collection is good for contour on the cheekbones. The base shadow brush, deluxe crease brush and the accent brush are all good to get the perfect eye look.

I only use one Lottie London brush and it is the Angled brush RRP £4.99. I use this brush to fill in my eyebrows.

The Final check brushes come in a 7 piece set. RRP £54.99. You get 2 shadow brushes, domed foundation brush, contour/blush brush, powder brush, angled brush and a lip brush. I only use the 2 eye shadow brush, one for packing the eye shadow onto the eye and the other to blend the eye shadow.

I hope you like my 14 makeup bag must haves. Comment what you makeup bag must have would be and what you would change from my must haves.

Most of these products you can get online at:



LauraAliceloves xoxo



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