Birch Box

Birch box Mar ’16

Each month I thought it would be nice to do a post of what I received in my Birch Box and give a little review on some of the products, what I liked and didn’t like.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Birch Box, let me explain. Birch Box is a monthly subscription box in which you get sent 5 hand picked, beauty items to try out each month for only Β£10 + p&p. You get a mixture of high end, exclusive and cult makeup, skincare, fragrance and hair care.

The first product I received this month is a Lip Balm by ARROW. Boost colour enhancing lip balm.

This is what Birch Box said about the product:

“Meet ARROW, the new paraben -free, crueltyf-free, vegan brand from Birch box! Designed to fit into your active  schedule, this balm protects lips and adjusts to your pH to create one that’s totally unique to you!” RRP Β£11

This lip balm is great, it makes my lips feel really soft and moisturised. It has a pigment in it that changed the colour according to your pH level,which is amazing. Mine turns a hot pinky red colour which I love. Although it is a good lip balm I wouldn’t pay Β£11 for a lip balm, so that lets it down a little. But an amazing product.
The second product I received this month is by ModelCo and it is a brow mascara.

This is what Birch Box said about the product:

” Up your brow game in a flash with this quick-dry gel. Containing hair-like particles to create the illusion of fuller brows, this wonder stuff re-shapes, thickens and  perfects in a flash.! RRP Β£13

 I have looked for a good brow mascara for ages, one that does what I want and is the right colour and I haven’t found one until this. It is amazing! It is the perfect colour to give you a natural looking brow, it isn’t too dark or ashy and it sets the brows amazingly. It can be worn on its own or to set brow powder or pencil. I will definitely be repurchasing this product when its run out.
The third product I received this month is a hair product, It is the Drop Dead Straightening Baume by Philip B.

This is what Birch Box said about the product:

” Say goodbye to sleep  hairstyles struggles! This silicone-free treatment not only shortens your blow-dry time on any hair type, but it also helps relax unruly hair for a straight ‘do.” RRP Β£20

 I wasn’t sure about this product the first time I used it but I used it again and loved it. It  makes my hair feel so much thicker then it is after I have dried my hair. It also smells good so it makes my hair smell good. Β£20 is a bit expensive for a hair product for me but I think if it was reduce or on sale etc I would repurchase because of the way it made my hair feel.
The fourth product I received this month is a night cream by Polaar.

This is what Birch Box said about the product:

” There’s nothing we love more than a formula that gets to work while we snooze! Enriched with ingredients that react to the light of the moon, this promotes cell regeneration for a radiant complexion.” RRP Β£32

 This product made my skin feel so smooth and soft, really hydrated and healthy. I put a really thick layer of this cream on at night and slept in it, when I woke up my skin felt so good. It does have a bit of a weird smell, a bit like a shower product or something for your hair but you get used to it and it isn’t over powering.
The fifth  product I received this month is by Beauty Protector and it is a beauty wash.

This is what Birch Box said about the product:

” We wouldn’t expect anything less than a sumptuous fragrance from this exclusive-to-Birch box brand, but the rich, foaming texture of this in-shower body wash is something to love too!” RRP Β£10.90

 I have received products from the Beauty Protector before and they all smell incredible. I love the smell of all their products. This beauty wash is good, not amazing but the smell helps me love this product. It made my skin feel soft and smell good. I think the price is good for the product that it is.
The final product I received this month is another hair product. Its is by Number 4 and it is their Lumiere d’hiver Reconstructing Masque.

This is what Birch Box said about the product:

” When your salon appointment is weeks away and you need hair help- fast- this is an SOS remedy! Packed with soy protein and Shea butter, it nourishes and hydrates to leave hair restored.” RRP Β£36

  I wasn’t sure about this hair masque. It made my hair feel a little greasy even after washing it out.  It made my hair feel really dry and my hair is dry anyway so didn’t like that. It does have a nice smell though so made my hair smell good. I think it is over priced for a hair masque, maybe for someone who has really oily shiny sort of hair it would be good but personally wasn’t a fan, I wouldn’t repurchase this product.

LauraAliceloves xoxo


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