Mini Lush Haul

The other week my 3 bestfriends and I had a girly day, went shopping, had lunch and a catch up. I decided to get a couple of things from Lush so I thought I’d share with you what I got a do a little Lush haul.

For those of you who don’t know what Lush is or who have never heard of it, firstly where have you been for the last few years. Lush is a company that creates handmade cosmetics. They are against animal testing and aim to create amazing smelling cosmetics that everyone will like. They sell bath bombs, bubble bars, makeup products, hair products as well a lots of other beauty essentials.

When I went in the other week I wanted to try some new products as well as picking up some old favourites.

The first product I got was The Comforter, Bubble bar. This bubble bar was one of the first products I tried from Lush and I instantly loved it. It smells amazing and look incredible. Description: Crumble the bar under the hot running tap to allow the water to agitate mound of bubbles for you with no effort on your part. I love this bubble are because it lasts for ages, makes your skin feel amazing and I adore the smell. RRP ยฃ4.95

The second product I got was The Experimenter Bath Bomb. This is the first time I have gotten this bath bomb and I am excited to use it as loads of people had good reviews about it when it first came out. It looks really funky with pink, blue, yellow/gold, purple and white colours and a strange diamond/square looking shape. It was the bath bomb that came out when the new Lush store opened on Oxford Street in London, UK. I can not wait to use this and see what it’s like. RRP ยฃ3.95

The next thing I got was a a set of 2 bath bombs. It is the Cosmic set which includes Intergalactic, Bath Bomb and Twilight Bath Bomb. I have purchased both these bath bombs before and loved them both so when I saw this set I had to get it. The set is ยฃ9.50.

The Intergalactic bath bomb is amazing! It looks incredible before and after you’ve put it in your bath. Its made with beautiful colours aqua blue, pink, yellow, white and glitter particles. It smells amazing and has to be one of my favourites from Lush. It turns your water all kinds of colour and leaves your skin feeling amazing. Description: This awesome mix will have you hooked on a feeling. Be the guardian of a galaxy as it explodes in you bath. RRP ยฃ3.95

The twilight bath bomb is a baby pink ball with 3d stars and moons popping out. It smells amazing and look incredible when under water. It has a hidden inner blue core which turns you bath water purple with a little glitter. Description: Visions of the night sky filled with dreamy lavender and comforting tonka. It makes your skin feel really soft and moisturised. If you were the type of person who likes to get more for you money, you can easily split this bath bomb in half a get 2 baths out of it instead of 1. RRP ยฃ3.50

All these products are great to get for someone as a gift or a little treat. They are affordable and amazing products, well worth spending a fortune in store for alittle treat every now and then.

Let me know your favourites from Lush as I want to keep trying products and adding to my personal favourites.

I hope you liked this little haul, comment if you want to see more haul posts and what posts you want to see.

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LauraAliceloves xoxo



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