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My skincare routine- Morning addition☀️

I am no morning person, if I had my way my day would start about 10am, after sitting in bed for a bit watching YouTube, reading through Twitter and catching up on what friends are doing on Facebook, but lets face it not every day can start that way!

Let me give you a run down of what my skin is like.

My skin changes every day. It’s normally oily to combination but recently it’s been more dry than anything. I get dryness on my cheeks and around the brows and forehead. I have a very uneven skin tone and a lot of redness in certain areas. So when I look for new skin care products I tend to look for rich moisturisers and products that will help with redness and even out my skin tone. Like all teenagers I get the odd blemish that appears totally at the wrong moment but they go away pretty quickly.

Lately I have been trying a lot of new skin care samples out that I have received in my birch box and GlossyBox each month and I have found some really nice products and some which I have repurchased and are now part of my daily skin care.

The first thing I do in the morning is use Garnier micellar cleansing water. I use this on a cotton pad and just swipe over my face to remove any makeup that may be on there that my cleanser didn’t remove the night before and to wake me up and feel refreshed. I have used this product for a while now and I love it. It is such an easy and on the go product that is good for my skin and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in. It’s affordable and is a great extra step to anyone’s skin care routine. RRP £1.99.

Another cleansing water is Absolution cleansing water. I got his in a Birchbox a few months ago and it cleared my skin up and did wonders. It is a bit pricey then the Garnier one at £27 but is very good. I would defiantly recommend for someone who doesn’t have the time to do a full skin care routine in the morning as they are good for a your skin and that little better than facial wipes.

The next thing I do is use a small amount of tea tree oil. This may sound a weird thing to do for my skin care but it’s s brilliant product for helping breakouts or any problem you have on the skin and make it heel quicker and make your skin good. I apply this with a cotton bud to the places I need it and massage it in to the area. You have to be really careful when using this product as it is very strong and can’t hurt if in your eyes. The first time I applied this it stung a little but after one use your skin gets used to it. It is £3.29 from Superdrug but you can find it in any drugstore or chemist.

The next thing I use is something I have recently discovered. I never really used to use a toner but I saw this and have been liking other products from the same range so I decided to try this out too. It is  from the Superdrug Vitamin E skin care range and it is the Refreshing toning mist. I do a T formation on my face then a X formation to make sure my whole face is covered and then I let it soak into my skin before apply my next product. You can also use this if you are having a no makeup day and just want to freshen up your skin and add moisture without applying a cream or lotion. RRP £2.99

The next thing I do is use a product I received in my March  Glossybox. It is the Olay Regenesist skin tone perfecting cream. This cream helps with dark circles and uneven skin tone. I hadn’t used and Olay products until this one and I love it. My skin tone is uneven so I find this cream helps. It’s a hydrating type cream so I use it in the morning and at night to add moisture to my skin over night. I would say I don’t think this cream would be good for someone with really oily skin but is good for combination and dry skin. I highly recommend this cream. It is a little pricey at £29.99 but so worth the money for someone who struggles with discolouration etc.

The next thing I do before starting my makeup is apply a lip balm. I like to apply a lip balm before my makeup so that it has time to sit on my lips and add moisture if they are dry and hydrate them a little before putting on lipstick. I switch between a few lip balms depending how dry my lips are. The first one is again from a Glossy box and it is by Royal Apothic. It is a tinted lip butter. This makes my lips feel so soft and hydrated and at the same time adds a little colour to my lips. It is £14 but it is a great product.

The next one I also use is more for when I feel my lips are really dry (more in the winter time) and need a bit more hydration and light lip scrub. I use Superdrug Vitamin E Super balm which is for dry skin, nails, cuticle and lips. It has small grains in it that gives a little exfoliation on the lips. It also has a really nice tropical sort of smell. This is a lot cheaper than the other lip balm at £3.99.

Keep a look out for my next post which is my evening skin care routine. If you think I should try other products in exchange to ones I am using or a better alternative please let me know as I love to try next products.

LauraAliceloves xoxo


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