My skincare routine- Evening addition πŸŒ™


Go read my previous post to find out my morning skin care routine!

I am much more of an evening person so I like to sit down take my time and pamper myself a little after a hard day. I tend to use a lot  more products in the evening then in the morning as I think my skin has a lot more time to soak in the products over night and make my skin amazing. I like to use more greasy and heavier products in the evening as it has more time to gradually soak into the skin.

My morning and evening routines are practically the same apart from a couple of products.

In the evening the first thing I do is cleanse to remove all my makeup that I’ve been wearing that day. To do this is use the vitamin E skin care range from Superdrug, it is their hot cloth cleanser. I have only been using this for a few weeks after a friend of mine recommended it to me and I instantly loved it. It made my skin feel so soft and helped the redness on my cheeks go down over night. I tent to do 2 cleanses to make sure I have removed all my makeup. RRP Β£4.99

I then exfoliate my skin with the Nivea daily essentials facial scrub. I’ve tried loads of other facial scrubs and they all seem to make my skin breakout and feel very harsh on the skin. This Nivea one is gently and is a mixture between a wash and a scrub so feels a lot nicer on the skin. I try to exfoliate my skin every other day or less if I can’t as I feel my face feels a lot nicer and healthier when it’s exfoliated. RRP Β£2.65

The next thing I like to do is apply  a facial oil in the main areas of my face that need it. At the moment my skin has been breaking out a lot so have been using the Tea Tree 100% pure essential oil. This is supposed to help with blemishes and breakouts on the skin and since I have been using it I have found my skin to look a lot better. It has cleared up the redness I always get on my cheeks and scars etc from previous breakouts I have had. It is something you have to get used to as it does sting a little and the smell is strong but it does wonders on the face so I don’t mind the stinging and the smell. RRP Β£3.29.

I then take the Vitamin E Refreshing toner from the Superdrug skin care range. Like in my morning routine do a T formation and then a X formation, let it soak into my skin and then do the same thing again. I do this so my skin gets the moisture back into the skin and the products soaks in over night and re-hydrates my skin. RRP Β£2.99

I then go in with a facial serum. I like to use a serum at night as it has all night to soak into the skin and I tend to find that if I use a serum in the morning my makeup doesn’t sit nice on my skin. The serum I have been loving lately is the Hey Honey, honey silk facial serum. It feels so soft and nice on the skin and gives my skin a healthy look. It is good for all skin types as well. RRP Β£28.81

The next thing I do is use a thick and nourishing night cream. I like to use a a lighter cream in the morning and a heavier cream at night as it has longer to soak in, although some creams are too heavy and feels weird on the skin so I have to remove it before I go to bed as I don’t like the feeling of it when I’m sleeping. First I use Superdrug Vitamin E skin care nourishing night cream.  Its super rich and makes my skin feel soft and smooth in the morning ready for my morning routine. RRP Β£2.99 

I then like to use the Olay Regenerist 3 point super firming cream on my cheeks. I like to put this on my cheeks to help future wrinkles etc I may get under my eyes and laughter lines etc. ( I don’t need to use it yet but I like to be prepared aha!) RRP Β£19.99

The last thing I like to do is put on a lip scrub/balm. I use the same 2 I use in my morning routine. Either the Vitamin E Super balm. RRP Β£3.99 Or the Royal Apothic Lip butter  RRP Β£14.

I hope you have liked finding out my morning and evening skincare. I love reading other peoples and finding new products to try. If you have a favourite skincare product and you think I should try it leave a comment.

LauraAlicesloves xoxo


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