18th Birthday Survival Kit!

For my 18th birthday last year my parents got me my own survival kit!

It’s a small bag with all the ‘essentials’ you need when you turn 18. I thought it was great and a fun little extra to get your best friend when they turn 18, so I thought i’d share with you what I got in my survival kit.

Balloon – to start your Birthday with a BANG!

Confetti – it’s time to celebrate.

Gold leaf – because your worth your weight in gold.

Love hearts – to remind you how loved you are.

Felt tip pen – so you can colour the future bright.

Candle – blow it out & make a WISH.

Straw – have a drink & let your hair down.

Sherbet – to add a bit of fizz to your day.

Starburst – to give you an extra burst of energy.

Mint – to have fresh breath for all your birthday kisses.

Watch – make sure you enjoy every minute.

Penny – so you can never say you’re penniless.

I.D. card – so you can prove you’re 18.

Marble – remember to always have fun.

Eraser – for all the mistakes you’re going to make.

Match sticks – to keep your eyes open in the morning.

Pill – to cure your hangover the morning after!


These are all the things you need when your 18. I hope this helps a little when you are stuck with a friends birthday present. Collect all these bits, pop them into a cute bag and watch them enjoy their birthday!

LauraAliceloves xoxo


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